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Healthy hair growth depends on your overall health, what you put in your body and how well you take 
care of it.  Incorporating IMakeHairGrow Healthy Hair Vitamins along with our Old Fashioned Hair 
Growth Formulas and Botanicals Line of Shampoo & Conditioners to your everyday regimen will provide 
you with the vital tools needed to accomplish your healthy hair goals.
IMakeHairGrow Healthy Hair Vitamins is our well balanced blend of essential nutrients and herbs 
designed to promote hair growth.  Our formula delivers optimal support for healthy hair growth, beautiful 
skin & strong nails.  This advanced formula delivers a gradual release of Vitamins C and B complex over a 
prolonged period of time with the powerful benefits of Vitamin E, Biotin, MSM, Zinc, L-Cystine and 
Pygeum Africanum, just to name a few.
Not only does IMakeHairGrow Healthy Hair Vitamins provide the essential nutrients for hair, skin & nails, 
it boosts the immune system, delivers energy and is excellent for overall health. Our hair growth  
supplement is used for all hair types and recommended for both men and women.


IMakeHairGrow Vitamins Ingredient Details       

Vitamin A


Promotes healthy scalp which is essential for healthy hair growth. Provides skin and cellular health.  Supports immune function. Delivers moisture to hair.

Vitamin C


Antioxidant that builds collagen which is crucial in developing healthy hair growth, healthy nails and beautiful skin.  Strengthens blood vessels and provides elasticity to skin. Aids in overall health and boosts the immune system.  Needed to prevent weak hair, breakage and split ends.  Critical for faster hair growth.

Vitamin E


Antioxidant that helps hair grow faster.  It is beneficial to skin and heart health. Enhances blood circulation in the scalp to promote strong, healthy growing hair.  Slows down the aging process of the skin and hair.  Delivers oxygen to hair and nails to encourage growth.

Vitamin B-Complex


Restores shine and thickness to strands, prevents hair loss and breakage, aids in retention.  Provides increased energy and essential to many biochemical processes in the body including the regulation of hormones, minerals and metabolism.  Enhances the immune system and circulation of blood. Helps to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair.  Helps to reverse hair loss and stimulates growth.



Reduces excess sebum clogging the hair follicles.  Produces collagen.  Relieves dry skin and scalp.  Stimulates growth.

Vitamin B-6


Helps regulate hormones and extend the hair growth phase.  Reduces hair loss.

Folic Acid


Reduces hair shedding and breakage.  Increases the normal life span of hair and nails.  Improves DNA synthesis.  Aids in hair growth and retention.



Strengthens hair.  Prevents thin and brittle hair.  Increases hair growth.  Relieves dry, itchy, flaky scalp.  Prevents hair loss and premature graying.

Pantothenic Acid


Provides benefits known to ensure good health and proper function of all organ systems within the body.  Reduces stress, builds stamina and maintains good heart health while boosting the immune system.  Keeps skin healthy and attractive in appearance, reduces premature aging of the skin and hair.  Strengthens and protects hair follicles and cells.  Improves hair health with the prevention of thinning hair.  Helps the scalp to encourage new growth.



Stimulates the hair follicles.  Accelerates hair growth.



Mineral essential for hair growth.  Repairs damage to hair cells.  Keeps oil glands around hair follicles in peak shape.  Promotes healthy, beautiful hair.  Decreases dandruff and dry scalp.



Essential mineral used in all body tissue.  Useful for healthy blood function.  Improves the nutrient flow from the blood to rebuild capillaries around the hair follicles.  Helps to repair scalp damage due to chemical and thermal treatments.  Promotes healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp.  Helpful to reverse graying of the hair. Regenerates new collagen and elastin, improving firmness, softness and elasticity of skin resulting in a youthful appearance.



Helpful in the production of hair growth by reducing stress levels.  Provides moisture to scalp, nails and skin.



Mineral that helps to revitalize hair, skin and nails.  Ensures that hair follicles are supplied with all other essential minerals necessary for hair growth and vitality. Reduces hair loss. Helps to balance hormones and restore pH levels within the body.



Extremely beneficial in the treatment of hair loss.  It is crucial in the development of healthy hair follicles.

para-aminobenzoic acid


Helps to build protein and protect hair and skin from ultra violet radiation.  Helps to counteract dry hair by providing hydration.  Carries nutrients to hair follicles.  Prevents hair loss. Delivers youthful appearance to skin.  



Key amino acid for a healthy immune system that builds protein.  Aids in the acceleration of hair growth.  Increases elasticity to skin, strengthens hair and nails.  Increases the diameter of the hair shaft.



Sulfur is one of the main minerals existing in your body, representing 0.25 percent of your body weight.  Increases growth of both hair and nails. Stimulates the scalp and circulation of blood flow.  Adds strength, length and shine to hair.  Nourishes the hair follicles.  Helps in tissue repair.  

Ginkgo Biloba


Herb and antioxidant that regulates blood flow and provides energy.  Prevents hair loss and thinning.  Helps to maintain healthy, shiny hair.  Rich in vitamin e and replenishes the look and feel of skin.

Saw Palmetto (5:1)


Herb that assists in the regrowth of hair on persons affected by androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

Pygeum Aficanum


Herb that helps to stop and reverse hair loss.  Used to prevent hair loss. Used in the regrowth of hair on persons affected by androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

Green Tea


Antioxidant that provides healthy skin, nails and hair.  Increases hair follicle elongation.  Stimulates hair growth. Provides increased immunity function and health benefits.

Grape Seed


Antioxidant that increases circulation and provides optimal conditions for healthy hair growth.  Helps to maintain an even flow of nutrients to the scalp.

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